PG1 MK2 vekt for platespiller

Low weight of 350 g, which preserves the bearing of your turntable.

PrisNOK1 999,00 inkl. mva.
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The speciality of the PG1 MK2 in addition to the integrated absorber is the low weight of 350 g, which preserves the bearing of your turntable.

Weight for turntables with low weight has often a reduced effect of sound improvement. But not so with our PG1+ MK2.
We compensate the low weight by our highly efficient absorber elements.
Futhermore we reduce so the mechanical loading of the bearing of your turntable.

Universally applicable: Thorens, LINN, Dual
Our weight for turntable PG1+ MK2 with his low weight of 350g is suitable for turntables with subchassis too.
For example Linn LP12 and Majik, Thorens and Dual.

On the underside 6 absorber elements are arranged in a ring.
Each of them consists of the following three layers

  • Sorbothane a polymer with the properties of liquids
  • novel minerally layer as delimiter for vibrations
  • natural rubber with high percentage of air.

The corpus is a nonmagnetic aluminium.

Arbor hole of POM
The arber hole consist of the material POM, which i well-known in HighEnd area for his good absorbing attributes. The relatively soft material POM protects the arbor of your turntable against damage.

Ring of rubber for very high grip
Our weight for turntable PG1+ has 3 integrated rings of natural rubber.
Beside the optical effect this rings reduce the danger of damage,
because they privide a good grip.

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