CHARLESTON has been designed from scratch to minimise all types of distortion that can influence the sound quality of a loudspeaker cable with many proprietary Black Rhodium ‘ distortion busting’ engineering techniques.

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Black Rhodium research demonstrates the benefits to music reproduction when all known types of cable distortion are minimised by design.

Listening tests carried out by Black Rhodium show a ‘Quantum Leap’ in musical quality when using a cable designed from scratch to minimise ALL types of cable distortion compared with a cable designed to minimise MOST distortion types.

In recent years, Black Rhodium cables have excelled in reducing MOST types of cable distortion and have won many ‘5 Star’ awards for their excellence. Our latest cables have been designed specially to minimise ALL distortion in cables and we are constantly amazed by the clarity and natural presentation of music.

CHARLESTON Loudspeaker cables are terminated with Black Rhodium Locking rhodium plated plugs.

Rhodium plating is applied to the Black Rhodium locking plugs to ensure a cleaner and less corroded contact is maintained between the plug and socket and its effect a much livelier and more exciting sound from the music.

Additional security of the connection between the plug and terminal is achieved by turning the screw cover to the plug. This creates a very strong connection that is not easily removed by force.

CHARLESTON can also be supplied rhodium plated spades to customers’ request.


The lack of compromise of design in Charleston requires special consideration when used for BiWire loudspeakers. Applying the special design procedures for building Charleston loudspeaker cable to a set of loudspeaker links would not be an elegant solution and we recommend using high quality speaker links such as Black Rhodium Waltz speaker links as a temporary solution.

Black Rhodium strongly recommends that where CHARLESTON is used with Bi-Wire loudspeakers, then a second set of cables should be used. The practice of Bi- Amping, in which separate amplifiers are used, will produce even better sonic results.

Specifications of Black Rhodium CHARLESTON

  •   Deep Cryogenically Treated Silver Plated copper stranded conductors

  •   Braided screen and vibration damped along its whole length

  •   Large ferrites for reduction of RFI

  •   Rhodium plated 4mm locking plugs

  •   Rhodium plated spade termination available on request

  •   Cable assembled by hand in England

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