WLPS H/P Lineær strømforsyning 5-24V DC

The electricity from your mains supply is the first point at which you can start to tackle noise in your audio chain. The Waversa WLPS H/P DC Power Supply is an ultra low-noise linear mixed power supply.

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 It has it’s own internal ground noise removal technology, a four stage noise filter and the ability to digitally control the voltage output in 0.1V steps.

Allied to the Waversa ethos of marrying performance and functionality, the unit offers two dedicate and independent DC outputs. This key feature is a boon for those working on network streaming as you can simultaneously power your router and network switch from the one supply, isolating both components from interference.

However the biggest benefit from using the Waversa WLPS H/P DC Power Supply can come when used as part of the Waversa-verse.

Experience the WLPS H/P in conduction with the WStreamer V2 or the Wmini HPA II and have your expectations of what streaming music can achieve redefined. And at a reasonable price point. The voltage is configurable between 5-24v/10A and is a worthy upgrade for a network router or other device.

Technical Specifications

  • Ultra-Low Noise SMPS/Linear Mixed Power Supply
  • Variable voltage output (0.1v steps)
  • Ground Noise Removal Technology
  • 4 Stage Switching Noise Filter
  • Digital Controlled Micro Voltage Control Circuit
  • Chassis: Aluminium
  • Colour: Silver
  • I/O: 1xDCin, 2xDCout
  • Dimension: W150xD150xH30mm
  • Weight: 200g / 0.44 lbs.
  • Power supply: 28V Adapter 90-120V AC / 180-240V AC @ 50Hz
  • 5V – 24V (28V SMPS)
  • 10A max output per channel or 480W total
  • Tantalum Capacitors

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