The Elipson Heritage XLS 15 speaker embodies vintage elegance combined with cutting-edge technology. Designed as a three-way bass-reflex system, it features an imposing 12 inch woofer for powerful and deep bass.

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The Elipson Heritage XLS15 speaker stands out for its modular vintage design, offering real flexibility thanks to its two supplied bases. But beyond its shape, it is its musicality that is the most appealing.

 This 3-way model of compact dimensions and tuned front bass-reflex load benefits from a new 12'' diameter cellulose woofer with a powerful magnetic system, a new 2.2'' diameter treated dome midrange covering nearly three octaves and finally a 0.87'' diameter silk dome tweeter derived from the famous tweeter equipping our flagship model of the Prestige Facet series.

 A fine amplitude adjustment of 2dB allows to adjust the midrange and treble registers according to the listening room or to one's hearing affinity. In addition, a 7° tilted base (included) is available for perfect acoustic phasing, or an optional metal stand raises the speaker by 19 cm in addition to the tilt.

 Energy and control of the bass, definition and relief of the midrange, delicacy and extension of the high register characterise the sonic pleasure of this Elipson Heritage XLS15 speaker.


Type : 3-way compact speaker

Tweeter : 22 mm silk dome

Medium : 55 mm treated dome

Bass : 300 mm cellulose pulp Bass reflex Frontal

Frequency range : 40 Hz - 25 kHz +/- 3 dB

Crossover frequencies : 700 & 5000 Hz

Sensitivity : 92 dB / 1m / 1w

Impedance : 6 Ohms

Recommended Amplification : 50-200 W

Power (RMS) : 200 W



Dimensions W x H x D : 420 x 730/700 x 339 mm

Weight : 28 kg



Inner box dimensions W x H x D : 845 x 535 x 455 mm

Outer carton dimensions W x H x D : 875 x 555 x 475 mm

Packed per piece

Gross weight : 34.5 kg



Designed and developed in France

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I have to say that these Elipson Heritage XLS 15 have been very enjoyable speakers, particularly complemented by this terrific Synthesis Sporano tube amplifier. As a feature, the speakers have frequently attracted comment based primarily on their size but also their laid back style and neo-contemporary look. I feel if you have space, these speakers offer excellent value for money if you are after this retro 70s monitor look and sound.

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  • Huge, effortless and believable sound
  • Exceptional value for money
  • Possibly the coolest speaker the site has ever tested


  • Vast
  • Very definite performance envelope
  • Not the last word in timing or detail

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Elipson Heritage XLS 15: conclusion 

Visually sublime and musically exceptional, the Elipson Heritage XLS 15 speakers won us over on every level. The retro design is undeniably mastered by the oldest French hi-fi brand and will seduce any vintage equipment enthusiast. In addition, the Elipson Heritage XLS 15 speakers ensure a well controlled balance of the various registers which perfectly fill the space. The different sound levels are well layered and the harmonic palette is extraordinarily rich. The 12” driver is the real asset of these Elipson loudspeakers, bringing energetic and dynamic deep lows. Because of its large diameter, we recommend using an amplifier with plenty of power on tap such as the Atoll IN200 Signature to exploit the full dynamic range of the speakers. It is also preferable to use the tilted stand to perfect the esthetics rather than the one installed in the factory.

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