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The hORNS 5degrees No110 are quite large, floor-standing speakers. This is a three-way design in a closed cabinet. The latter is actually divided into two parts – one for the mid-treble section and another for the bass. The woofer is placed on the side wall and the manufacturer recommends that it be pointed inwards. Their front and back have been tilted by 5º, which aligns the phase of the drivers on the front panel and gives the design a dynamic appearance.

The treble is reproduced by the AMT driver, invented originally by Dr. Heil, one used here comes from the Harwood Acoustics. The midrange is reproduced by a SEAS driver. It has a diameter of 180 mm and a paper, Nextel-reinforced membrane. In the center you can see a solid aluminum cone that corrects the phase and at the same time cools the voice coil. The driver features a cast basket. The 250mm woofer has an aluminum diaphragm and was supplied by the SB Acoustics. The frequency response range is divided between drivers in a crossover mounted on a printed circuit board. It uses components from Mundorf and Jantzen Audio. The crossover filters have a slope of 12 dB.

Way 3
Woofer 1×10” Aluminium
Midwoofer 1×7” Nextel/coated paper
High range 1×1,8” AMT tweeter
Crossover 12dB, per octave, extracted, high quality
Box 55 l, closed, natural veneer, RAL colours
Sensitivity 85 dB
Frequency range 30-30000 Hz
Impedance 8 Ohm
Terminal Double wire, WBT
Box dimensions 235x1150x350 [mm]
Weight of speaker 60 kg

Can be painted in ANY  RAL colour you choose.
If you can provide a colour code – Horns will make it!


1 Elm tree WI-0012PS
2 Mahogany MA-0151PA
3 Oak DA-0101PS
4 Siberian Oak DA-0057F5
5 Oak DA-0006PS
6 Teak Tree TI-3001PW
7 Teak Tree TI-0001PS
8 Teak Tree TI-0002PS
9 Wenge WE-0003PP
10 Zebrano ZE-0001PS
11 Wenge WE-5006PW
12 Zebrano ZE-0021PS
13 Zebrano Black ZE-0149PS
14 Palisander PA-1102PS
15 Palisander Salvador PA-0800F3
16 Ebony HE-0004PP
17 Walnut Tree OR-0518F1
18 Cherry CZ-0119F1
19 Natural Bamboo BNSZ-17P
20 Carmel Bamboo BCW-45P

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