NYHET - for den audiofile. Skiller seg ut med fantastisk lydgjengivelse.

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MJ2 audiofile hodetelefoner
Design i ekte kirsebærtre kabinett.

Avtagbar høykvalitets kabel i vevd stoff med 3,5 mm plugg for bærbar spiller. 


"...Mitchell og Johnson er eit firma vi må halde auge med. Dei to setta med øyretelefonar eg har fått prøve ut, har imponert stort. Prisane er langt frå avskrekkande, og spesielt MJ2 er eit av dei mest fornuftige kombinasjonar mellom lydkvalitet, fleksibilitet, komfort og pris eg veit om."


"...The MJ2 is exactly the kind of headphone I could and should recommend to those who want a taste of stats without investing in an entire system and wishing to retain a high degree of mobility.

It has a full sounding impactful mid bass, a neutral, detailed and quick paced midrange. It offers excellent imaging and dynamics as well as an extended and articulate treble without a harsh note in sight in either its vocal performance or percussive attacks. The only thing it is lacking is sub-bass extension and a bit of texture in the mid-bass slam and perhaps a more open spacious sound but for a closed on-ear, it is not that far off..."    



For ytterligere beskrivelse av teknologi: http://mitchellandjohnson.com/headphone-technology/

How Does this New Technology work?


The ultra-thin, almost weightless diaphragm, only microns thick, is sandwiched between two metal stators which carry the music signal and push/pull between the electric fields of the two.

This technology extends its frequency range & response beyond human hearing, vital for the harmonics in all music, encapsulating true sound reproduction which is natural, vibrant and real.

The response is amazing, as the entire membrane moves briskly and uniformly, with no cone breakup or resonance to colour the sound and generate distortion you can find with ordinary electrostatic headphones. The Electrostatz film holds a constant electrical charge, instead of constant voltage (ESL) and is non-conductive, so the issues of distortion are absent, unlike its ESL predecessor.

The real magic happens when you create a Mitchell & Johnson hybrid electrostatic stereo headphone combined with a traditional 40mm paper based dynamic driver, so you get 2 in 1 ,crystal clear precise details and punchy bass as well..."



Frekvensrespons : 6 til 50,000Hz
Lydtrykknivå: 120dB
Impedans: 32 ohm
Akustisk system: Lukket tilbake
Total harmonisk forvrengning: <= 0,1%

Inkluderer beskyttende bæreveske og ¼ "til 3.5mm adapter

Se MitchellandJohnson.com for ytterligere informasjon om den nye teknologien og produktene

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