Viborg VE 80 Strømfilter

Strømfilter med 8 uttak. Solid aluminiums boks med meget god internkabling med OFC kobber med 4mm2 kabeltykkelse. Overload beskyttelse.

PrisNOK4 999,00 inkl. mva.
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This filtered mains distributor Viborg VE80 has 8 Schuko sockets. Filtering provides a clean and stable current to supply your HiFi devices correctly and thus limit noise. The power strip benefits from excellent manufacturing quality with a robust aluminum housing and an internal cable with OFC Copper conductors with a cross-section of 4mm². This power supply unit also has overload protection.

Norsk importør er K-Audio.


  • The Power Surge Protector and Overload Protection feature helps to safeguard your equipment against sudden power surges, ensuring prolonged equipment lifespan and safe usage. The sockets will be powered off when total current over 15A, press RESET button to restore power supply.
  • The unit features 8 hospital grade power outlets, which provide plenty of space for you to connect all your equipment easily and in one place. This eliminates the need for multiple power strips or extensions.
  • It ensures that all devices connected to VM80 receive clean & filtered power, which reduces noise and ensures better sound and picture quality from amplifier, DJ equipment, home recording, projector, TV, computer, and other electronics.
  • The Power Conditioner and Power Distributor helps to regulate the voltage supplied to your equipment, ensuring a consistent and stable voltage. This allows your audio and video components to operate optimally, without any damage.
  • This Viborg HiFi power filter is designed with advanced technology to deliver pristine power to your audio and video components, without any interference or noise.

Technical characteristics

Product type Filtered power distributor
Number of filtered plugs 8
Plug type Schuko
Max. power 3300W
Max. current 15A
Internal wiring OFC Copper conductors 4mm²
Supply voltage 220-250V 50Hz
Protection Surge protection
Case material Aluminium
Dimensions 380 x 160 x 95mm
Weight 3kg
Color Gray

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