The MU-2 phono stage uses J-FET transistor in parallel with 6922 tube in input stage.

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Together with 6922 tube second stage and MOSFET as source follower 56dB amplification factor was achieved. In practice it fits 0,2mV and higher voltage MC carts and all Moving Magnet (MM) carts. Thanks to advanced 240V stabilized power supply the sound of MU-2 is really good: low hum and noise much lower than generated by vinyl record itself. Side to side comparison to transistor preamps was positive for MU-2. MU-2 is more dynamic and neutral. When additionally pure “analogue” design will be taken into account then vinyl record listening satisfaction is guaranteed. Front panel was made of polished glass. MU-2 chassis was made of polished acid-resistant stainless steel. Power supply module together with toroidal transformer were separated from the rest of electronics by additional metal shield. 


  • 1% resistors and capacitors in audio signal path for passive RIAA correction accuracy.
  • Comfortable input gain switch for MM and MC cartridge. “on the fly” impedance change.
  • LED Tube backlight dimmable to user preferences.


  • Frequency response: +0,15dB/-3dB: 10Hz-70kHz
  • RIAA curve accuracy in band 20Hz-20kHz: +/- 0,25dB
  • MC/MM gain: 56/43dB
  • RMS Noise A-weighted (MC, Input shorted): -80dBV
  • THD, Output=0dBV: <0.05%
  • IMD, Output=0dBV: <0.03%
  • Crosstalk MC: <-73dB
  • MM input impedance: 47kΩ/120pF
  • MC input impedance: 50,100,200,500,1000Ω
  • Input/Output: Unbalanced 2xRCA
  • Tubes: 2x6922EH (or 6DJ8, ECC88, E88CC)
  • Dimensions (W/L/H): 21/35/11 cm
  • Weight: 4kg

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