Erzetich Bacillus Tilia Hodetelefonforsterker

Wooden class-AB amplifier with a warm, almost tube-like, sound signature.

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This amp drags out most of those subtleties that are often too shy to make an appearance. The Bacillus Tilia picks them up and puts them on a pedestal for your enjoyment.”
Paul Rigby, Hi- Fi World magazine, UK

The sophisticated Bacillus Tilia has such feature rich qualities, you will not believe it is possible to purchase this headphone amp for such a reasonable price. Fitted with top grade input capacitors and premium quality op-amps, you will discover a clarity of sound you didn’t even know existed. Designed as an artistic tribute to our homeland, the Tilia is made from linden wood and produces a rich warm sound that is fast and punchy and exquisitely detailed. 

The most versatile amp in our range, you can pair the Tilia with any impedance headphones and still be guaranteed a smooth, dynamic sound. With the capacity to drag out the subtle touches, Bacillus Tilia will distinguish tonal differences between key strokes and whip up a delicious presentation most other amps miss.

Technical Specifications

  • Headphone impedance: 8-600 ohm
  • Output power: 181.5 mW (8 ohm)/161 mW (600 ohm)
  • Frequency response: 3 Hz-500 kHz, -1dB
  • THD (1 kHz): 0.0002 %
  • IMD: 0.034 %
  • Power consumption: > 3 W
  • SNR: >104 dB
  • Power supply input voltage: 230 V/50 Hz or 115 V/60 Hz
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 130 mm x 90 mm x 160 mm
  • Weight: 1150 g
  • Character: Silky neutral, slightly warm

The Story

When we began the project on the Tilia, the idea was to create another Bacillus, but with different electronic specifications that gave it more verve and clarity. There was some linden wood knocking around the workshop so we began experimenting with various dynamics.

Linden wood (lat. Tilia) is interestingly textured and easy to manipulate when you work with it. In Slovenia, it is traditionally used for art and decorative carvings. Bacillus Tilia therefore pays homage to Slovenian heritage where the linden tree is a symbol of the country.

The design was inspired by my vision of a listener relaxing to music in an antique-like study surrounded by towering shelves stacked with books. The dark wooden chassis was artificially aged to produce the rugged finish that gives it an air of sophistication. We kept the front panel aluminum in line with the classic Bacillus and gave it an appearance that resembles a vintage concert piano.

The Bacillus Tilia is essentially built using the same technology as the original Bacillus but with slight improvements to the chassis, top-of-the-range input capacitors and better quality op-amps. But what is special about the Bacillus Tilia is that the chassis is individually hand carved and painted with seven coats of four different varnishes – and this gives every unit its own unique pattern.

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