High Space 2x3m

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TilbudNOK9 000,00 Førpris:NOK14 999,00 inkl. mva.
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Sjekk: https://www.bastanis.com/audio/cables/interconnect-high-space


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The Bastanis High Space I/C- cables are made to connect highest quality electronics and take you closer to the music. 

The Bastanis High Space I/C- cables carry beautiful and satisfying sound. The energetic sound of the Bastanis High Space I/C- cables is in perfect balance, refined and offers high resolution in combination with warm and natural tone. 

The big and precise imaging, the extended bass, the beautiful midrange and the crystal clear highs will lead you to audiophile heaven.

The Bastanis High Space I/C- cables consist of silver/copper leads for signal and shield. 

The insulation behaves like air with enough space in between the signal- leads and the shield to leave the magnetic fields untouched and fully symmetrical. 

The Bastanis High Space I/C- cables come with „zero negative influence“ built- in Rf- filters for clean and undistorted music- signals. 

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