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If you have not connected the Bastanis Imperial I/C- cables you do not know how good your stereo can sound.

The Bastanis Imperial I/C- cables mean a big evolutionary step up from the state of art, they offer a shocking improvement in the absolute quality of cable- connections and take the meaning of cable- connections to the next level.

Connecting the Bastanis Imperial I/C- cables the step up in sound quality opens unknown perspectives even for audiophiles who are experienced in the field of highest quality I/C- cables. 

The benefit for the sound quality the Bastanis Imperial I/C- cables offer is far beyond the possibilities of the major league I/C- cables of today and to integrate them into your audio- chain let you enter hidden spaces. The Bastanis Imperial I/C- cables offer true super-sound. The clarity, energy and resolution connecting the Bastanis Imperial I/C- cables is unique. The Bastanis Imperial I/C- cables are made for audiophiles who are looking for possibilities to improve their highest quality stereo- chain about a full step up aiming ultimate quality in sound-reproduction.

There are two key features which enable the Bastanis Imperial I/C- cables to improve the sound quality about this big step up. Both features work passive and avoid any negative influence like it is known from common methods consisting of active filters or line- drivers.

- The Bastanis Imperial I/C- cables use built- in RF- filters which clean the signal from high frequent signals which pollute the audio- signal. The input- stage of the signal- receiving electronics stays free from any high frequencies above the audio signal-spectrum and will not run into distortion. 

- The Bastanis Imperial I/C- cables also have built- in a new feature which removes any irregularities in the magnetic field and cleans the signal from all reflections.

When the signal passed the Bastanis Imperial I/C- cables the quality of the audio signal is perfectly clean and free from any artifacts. Your highest quality electronics will play on a higher level far above all expectations.


The Imperial interconnects are available as RCA (cinch) as well as XLR interconnects.
Victor award!
"Even though I didn’t think it quite possible, as it had never happened with any other interconnect before, there was ‘more sound in sound’, so to speak, it was denser, yet not darker. It was actually, I believe, a combination of slight improvements in terms of resolution, clarity, and precision that resulted in this first " Victor award
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Marek Dyba

Hifi Knights

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