Black Rhodium OVERTURE S XLR 1.5m par

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Overture S XLR

Overture S XLR is a balanced audio interconnect that connects between source equipment and amplifier or between preamp and power amp fitted with XLR connectors.

Overture S XLR is designed for high end music systems where its wide dynamic range and low colouration bring out the very best sound from the music. Overture S XLR is very competitively priced and is an excellent value choice for upgrading from lower priced cables.

For many music lovers, balanced XLR are preferred to single ended RCA because the balanced connection reduces the amount of external interference that can degrade sound quality. On top of this Overture S XLR is extremely well screened against the effects of external radio frequency signals and electro-magnetic fields. It is covered in an attractive black braid that is effective in damping micro-vibrations within the cable and reducing the effects of external vibrations.

Overture S XLR is assembled by hand at the Black Rhodium factory in Derby using carefully selected materials and parts chosen after extensive listening.

Overture S XLR is fitted with Black Rhodium XLR connectors which are plated in rhodium for increased clarity of sound.

Overture S XLR stereo pairs are available in a standard length of 1 metre. Longer lengths can be supplied to meet customer’s requirements. Because the cable needs to be quite stiff to deliver its promised sound quality, we do not make shorter lengths than 1 metre.

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