Bastanis Space RCA

Feel it and let the music come alive! Kan også fåes som Phono MM til samme kabel (uten jording)

PrisNOK3 995,00 inkl. mva.
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The Bastanis Space I/C- cables are perfect to connect high quality audio- electronics regardless the price. The sound of the Bastanis Space I/C- cables is fluent, the resolution of finest details which make the music come alive is excellent and the sound is dynamical, well balanced, warm and natural. The Bastanis Space I/C- cables are gems and the standard in music- reproduction they carry will fully satisfy even experienced audiophiles using highest quality electronic components.

The Bastanis Space I/C- cables consist of silver/copper strands with ptfe- insulation and they come with „zero negative influence“ built- in Rf- filters for clean and undistorted music- signals.

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